It reflects the concerns of neighbors and merchants about its impact on business and especially the absence of alternatives for access to emergency services

Seville, March 6, 2020. The deputy spokesman of the VOX municipal group in the City Council of Seville, Gonzalo García de Polavieja, rated "Fudge" the canalization works that the Seville City Council executes in Ronda de Tejares", Which very negatively affect the residents of the area and especially the merchants who notice a severe impact on their businesses, who have not been provided enough information."

The mayor of VOX, who has visited the works with neighbors in the area, has lamented that the works, which are necessary, “have begun without any notice to neighbors, and without appearing an apparent alternative plan by the City Council for the residents and merchants of Triana, who have been isolated with the works of channeling of EMASESA for a long period of 18 months, without being clear about where to park, or how to access to businesses, which depend on customers arriving at their establishments ”.

“The socialist government has not communicated to the neighbors alternatives to park, or what else can aggravate the situation, the access of emergency vehicles such as police, firefighters and ambulances or other technicians to access the area. ” The announcement of connecting the neighborhood with the Charco de la Pava, to park, has remained in a mere announcement without any signs of being real.

Gonzalo García de Polavieja has announced that “we are going to ask and demand the mayor to give solutions to this nucleus of population, totally marginalized and abandoned, demonstrating once its lousy management without considering the maximum concern for the merchants and neighbors in the time that the canalization works will last ”.

“We have a mayor who ignores the needs of neighbors and users in the area where they have nowhere to park cars or access their homes with dignity, without any solution. There are businesses that do not know how their customers will arrive. ”

The deputy spokesman of the VOX municipal group has stated that, “as is normal in the management of Juan Espadas, Sevillians are the last; it was erected as the solution to the problems of Seville, not yet a year ago in the election campaign, but it repeats the same pattern, the "modus operandi" of his first term, nothing changes and the same misfortunes fall in the neighborhoods of Seville, which are the great forgotten of Juan Espadas ”.

"These channeling works must be contemplated with responses to the citizens of the area, prior to their start date with the corresponding notice and prior solutions so that this disorder does not occur."

Gonzalo García de Polavieja has pointed out that “in VOX we are next to the neighbors who, rightly, are they are treated without the dignity and diligence they deserve. We want to avoid prolonging the nightmare in which they are submerged, putting solutions from this City Hall. Not everything is worth it with signaling a few meters of street and putting fences without alternatives, we want solutions now, ”he concluded.

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