The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, David garcia, has qualified today in plenary session of "botched”The Valencian health management and has accused the Consell of“neglect, lack of investment and not having done anything to improve the Valencian health system in these 5 yearsThey have been in government.

In this sense, VOX has presented an amendment to the entirety regarding the Agreement with the Canary Islands on BigData Medicine, understanding that, at this time, in the middle of the second wave of the pandemic, there are more important issues to address such as improve Primary Care and invest more in Health. "We have a system that is outdated and we have to invest more to move forward. If Primary Care is saturated and they can no longer attend to more patients to have consultations now through web cam… ”.

García has urged the Consell to fix the Valencian health system to serve the citizens of the Valencian Community as they deserve and has challenged the Botanist for the reversal of Rivera Salud despite being a management model.

Has also regretted the botch of field hospitals, which were announced for a price of eight million and have finally cost a whopping 16 million euros. "Botch after botch”, He stated.

The Alicante deputy has urged the Consell to work for the Valencians: "They have been heating the chair for 5 years”. Likewise, he has compared the Valencian government with the Marx Brothers cabin: "You are a caricature of the Marx brothers, but without a hint of grace”.

Public transport aid arrives too late

On the other hand, the deputy Miguel Pascual has ensured that Decree Law 15/2020 on measures to compensate regular interurban public transport companies affected by Covid-19 It is too late for the affected companies and workers.

In addition, Pascual has assured that “is a impudence that, in order to request these aid, in advance, the interested parties have to expressly waive to formulate any type of claim or action against the Administration, by judicial or extrajudicial means. This goes against of everyone's right to effective judicial protection as stated in our Constitution”.

The Valencian Cartographic Institute is another chiringuito more

The deputy and spokesman for Agriculture and Environment, Jose Luis Aguirre, has criticized during his speech the creation of the Valencian Cartographic Institute (ICV), already in its last phase of processing this bill, because it is about "a duplicity”Because there is already a nationwide body with the same functions that they intend to give to the ICV and is the National Geographic Institute.

"This is just one more chiringuito. A chiringuito with which perhaps they want to delimit the territory of that Valencià Country that they talk so much about and I imagine that they will know that they cannot map countries that do not exist”.

Aguirre has added: “You want to strengthen self-government by copying an organism that already exists at the national level and copying state organisms is wasting money, especially when these agencies at the national level work very well”.

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