Yesterday's plenary session in our City Council did not bring many surprises, but it did leave some touches of "what is going on behind the scenes."

Perhaps the most prominent of these was the new fracture within the Fadrell Agreement.

The tripartite left the Mayor alone in her petition to the Council for the annulment of Decree 112/2020 of September 4, which approved the change of name of the municipality of Villanueva de Castellón by the exclusive form, in Valencian, of "Castelló".

Before the abstention of Unides-Podemos and the vote against Compromís, it was the bench, virtual yesterday, on his left that came out to support and rescue him. PP, Citizens and VOX voted in favor of the proposal of Amparo Marco to get him out of the isolation of "his own."

Luciano Ferrer, councilor and spokesperson for VOX, after praising the Mayor's bravery, did not hide that she was going to seize the opportunity: “The old Castilians say that ‘A troubled river, fishermen gain’ so let me cast the nets. "

"Madam Mayor, with all the respect that you know I have for you… Why don't you add a little more value to what has already been demonstrated? Once we have verified that your partners abandon you in this claim, you could abandon them and give great joy to many Castellón residents by recovering the place name of our city in Spanish, or in Castilian, that everything Spanish gives you an allergy to some of its partners. "

Ferrer It was clear when stating that the "tripartite" had told the half-truths to the neighbors on the day they announced the recovery of the Valencian place name of the city since on that date, what they did was to "load" the Spanish name of Castellón de la Plana.

You see, continued Ferrer, "since VOX We do not change our mind and we continue to demand the restoration of "Castellón" as a place name in Spanish for the city, something that we will never renounce since it seems more legal, fairer and more in line with our history than just using the Valencian place name. ."

Luciano Ferrer passed accusations of sectarianism, many times received, to other municipal groups stating that “in VOXUnlike others, we are not sectarian, even less because of the language. We will always defend the bilingualism of this land but without consenting to a single attack on Spanish. "

Shortly before ending his speech, the councilor of VOX it was even allowed to give advice to Amparo Marco: "Be brave Mayor, defend the interests of the people of Castellón until your last breath but remember that here we live together bilingual, Valencian-speaking and Spanish-speaking, and you are the Mayor of all of them. "

We are witnessing a courageous initiative of our Mayoress and a brilliant speech by the councilor of VOX.

A practical demonstration that when the general interest is pursued, colors can be parked.

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