• The employment situation they are going through is so precarious that they barely reach the minimum number of personnel required to be able to perform two services at the same time

Seville, September 30, 2020. The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group in Dos Hermanas Adrián Trashorras, he has denounced the "extremely" precarious conditions suffered by the fire department of Dos Hermanas, "They do not have the minimum established staff, nor the adequate material and equipment to guarantee the safety of the citizens or themselves, not to mention the salary conditions they have suffered year after year." For this reason Trashorras has ensured that “They will fight with all their might so that this body once again depends on the Diputación de Sevilla.

The situation is so critical that "Two services cannot be served at the same time", Trashorras has denounced that “The organization system of firefighters, to cover a service with guarantees, requires four firefighters in each truck. Currently, the Dos Hermanas park has 6 firefighters, when there should be 10, which requires setting up a minimum provision of services without sufficient guarantees of personnel with the "Serious danger" that entails for the proper performance of their work.

“From VOX Dos Hermanas we will fight for the improvement not only of "The serious lack of personnel" but "Dignify an essential profession in the safety of citizens with improvements in the necessary material and equipment as well as fairer salaries and security guarantees for the Dos Hermanas Fire Department, for which we have been claiming "on deaf ears" since last year filling vacancies and providing the driving simulator for training truck drivers in Montequinto ”.

Adrián Trashorras has been blunt and ensures that "The precarious work situation in which the Dos Hermanas firefighters find themselves comes to certify once again that everything that the socialists touch ends badly" and reminds the Mayor, Francisco Toscano that "This is a problem that firefighters have been dragging on since 2006, with the aggravation that in the last 14 years there has been a significant population increase."

“From Vox Dos Hermanas we demand“ explanations from the government team of because in the list of jobs there are 52 firefighter positions with their economic allocation when there have never been 52 firefighters on the workforce”. Finally, from VOX we want to make it clear that "We will support and fight for the local firefighters so that they can work with the necessary conditions to develop a work that directly benefits the residents of Dos Hermanas", it is finished.

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