VOX municipal spokesman, Adrián Trashorras, asserts that "By protecting our public employees we are helping to combat the pandemic and the health of the Nazaraen ”

It highlights “the viability of our proposal as it can declare the contracting of tests emergency through a budget modification file”

Dos Hermanas, May 14, 2020. The Municipal Group VOX in the City Council of Dos Hermanas has presented a request to the Municipal Government in which it urges the elaboration of a Supply contract to practice Covid-19 tests on municipal employees and, especially, those most exposed to the public.

In this regard, the municipal spokesperson for VOX in the Nazarene municipality, Adrian Trashorras, He explained that "since the state of alarm was decreed, we have been insisting on the need to carry out tests to detect the disease to know the number of people immune to it, reason why we consider of utmost importance to carry out tests for the detection of the coronavirus to most of the municipal employees ”.

Trashorras has detailed that, “in the first instance, it is urgent to carry out the corresponding tests on employees who are daily exposed to the public and, ultimately to all those belonging to essential sectors that cannot telework and are not in ILT or License / permit, excluding from this petition the political positions of the City Council ”

"We understand that protecting our public employees we are helping to combat the pandemic and the health of the nzaraenosthat is why both serological tests and PCR are necessary, since the former detect Covid-19 antibodies and the immune ones, but they do not detect asymptomatic or the virus in the first 7 days of infection, something that PCR tests do ” .

The municipal spokesman for VOX in Dos Hermanas stressed that "is in the hands of the mayor and his government protect public employees who are facing this crisis, fulfilling an essential service, because so far We do not know the true state of health of a fundamental group to guarantee the quality that is required in the provision of public services ”.

Adrián Trashorras has pointed, finally, the viability of the VOX proposal, asserting that "being able to declare an emergency the contracting of the referred tests and go to the file of budget modification In order to provide the current budget with sufficient and adequate budget credit for this supply, we see no problem in developing a urgent and necessary measure, as the protection of our municipal employees ”.

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