Seville, October 1, 2020. The deputy spokesperson of the Municipal VOX Group in the Dos Hermanas City Council Teresa Terry, has denounced the plagiarism that the PP has made of a motion that VOX presented last year in the plenary session of the City Council, what evidence, has assured, “A clear lack of ideas when presenting proposals to improve the lives of citizens”Something that comes to demonstrate “The disconnection that the popular people have from the street, from the needs of the citizens as well as the lack of empathy with a city that needs obvious improvements”.

Terry has shown "His perplexity" and asks the PP for Dos Hermanas de “Because last year when VOX presented the proposal to install defibrillators in public buildings and in educational centers they voted against and now they are making statements to the press that they will request a budget for the installation of these devices in the same places that already proposed our party”. They ask them to explain to them what has changed and what criteria now make them rethink something that was already proposed a year ago and that they rejected.

"This proposal does not come more than to show the lack of ideas of the popular", and that "they are going to slip" of what the parties do with initiative and desire to improve our city as VOX does every day. For this reason, Teresa Terry has suggested, "It offers the PP the opportunity to, now, support the request that we will carry out this month, where we will once again influence the motion that we already presented last year and that did not have the support of any of the political forces with representation in the Nazarene City Council.

From VOX we will request again, in addition to defibrillators, "That counseling, psychological and financial support be provided to pregnant women in social exclusion to avoid abortions that can be avoided as well as training courses for resuscitation and first aid for both professionals and any citizen".

The deputy spokesperson of the Municipal VOX Group has asserted that “we hope that now these proposals do not fall "on deaf ears" and prosper, since our intention is none other than that of "Improve the quality of life of our neighbors". "Rectifying is wise" and that is why we hope, they have concluded, that "Now that the popular have time to avoid systematically rejecting some ideas, which we have shown are beneficial to the entire population" Instead of plagiarizing long-term ideas, listen to VOX's proposals so that Dos Hermanas is the city that its neighbors deserve ”, he concluded.

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