– It demands "the implementation of video-monitored areas in public places because we cannot allow a single more outrage and not a single death of any of our young people and this government must be involved in the protection of our neighbors by adopting whatever measures are necessary to avoid these news "

Seville, October 21, 2020. The Municipal VOX Group in the Dos Hermanas City Council demands concrete and urgent measures to avoid new fatal abuses Like the one registered in the Vistazul neighborhood, where a boy of only 14 years old who was going to the school where he studied, died after not being able to overcome the injuries suffered.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX, Adrián Trashorras, has warned that "Dos Hermanas, by its own configuration, has multiple roads, streets and avenues where vehicles can circulate widely exceeding speed limits without deterrents or prevention elements, beyond the placement of traffic signs such as the existing avenues in entrenúcleos or Adolfo Suárez ”.

Given this, Trashorras, has announced that the VOX Group "is going to formally request the respective Delegation to tender for the acquisition of static radar systems perfectly signposted to discourage driving at excessive speed, supplemented by the provision that must be delivered to the Local Police Corps of camouflaged mobile radar devices, so that they can fulfill the mission entrusted to them by the legal system and particularly for the complaint and arrest of those who commit criminal actions for exceeding the maximum speed established on urban roads (more than 60 km / h higher than allowed) ”.

“We will reiterate the plenary request that we put to the Delegate Mr. Morán to know what concrete actions have been carried out in the round of President Adolfo Suárez to illuminate the pedestrian crossings with greater visibility and the establishment of new crossings on that avenue”.

In addition, the VOX spokesperson in Dos Hermanas has announced that “we are going to demand the implementation of video-monitored areas under Organic Law 4/1997 that regulates the use of video cameras by the Security Forces in public places, since We cannot allow a single more outrage and not a single death of any of our young people and this government must be involved in the protection of our neighbors adopting whatever measures are necessary to avoid this news ”.

“They have powers to guarantee safety in public places and they must assume their responsibilities»Added the councilor. Furthermore, «the local Police must be empowered by the government as it turns out to be the competent Body in the investigation of road accidents and the instruction of reports in the city, providing them with the means that allow them to carry out their functions with guarantees for themselves and our neighbors , without sparing public resources because without security there is no freedom and the provision of both static and mobile radars complemented by a video surveillance system will prevent the cause of criminal actions.

VOX will require a drug-alcohol control preventive plan to dissuade their use and locate and detain offenders, without prejudice to enhancing the existing static deployment of agents at the entrances / exits of schools, especially the most conflictive.

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