VOX DPZ encourages mayors so that the DPZ10 plan is dedicated to the fight against COVID19 exclusively.

Carlos Rodrigo, provincial deputy of the VOX political group in the Zaragoza Provincial Council, has sent a letter to all mayors. Also to all the political formations of the different municipalities in the province.

In this letter, the deputy encourages the consistories to invest the money from the DPZ10 Plan, exclusively, in the fight against the coronavirus.

This Plan has as its final destination aid that translates into the donation of masks to the population. Also in the purchase of protective screens and gels. As well as for disinfection of premises and public roads.

However, the president of the Provincial Council, the socialist José Antonio Sánchez Quero, “forces” the mayors to direct the almost 10 million euros of the Plan to other destinations. Specifically, 70% to investments and 30% to current expenses. The Socialist president even asks mayors to report such investments or they will be left without financial aid in the future.

From VOX DPZ we criticize this position, unclear in the fight against the coronavirus. And we urge that the investment and spending policy of the DPZ10 Plan be exclusively aimed at helping people and companies affected by the pandemic. And not to other uses that are not urgently needed now.

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