The City Council of El Ejido held an extraordinary plenary session yesterday, which ends this year. The agenda has been composed of 25 points, which have been submitted to the plenary's will for approval.

The spokesperson of the VOX Municipal Group in El Ejido, Juan José Bonilla, has vigorously defended a motion, signed by the Plenary Assembly, in which the Government of Spain has been urged, within the framework of its powers, that require the European institutions to start up as many mechanisms and / or legislative initiatives as necessary to guarantee fair prices that give sustainability to a sector that is the driving force of our economy.

In addition, he has warned that this year prices are being especially low for the farmer, so he has asked a tax reduction according to this situation.

It has also warned of the imbalance between the price of origin and the final price to the consumer, so a request has been made greater control and control over the application of the Law of the Food Chain, in order to end possible abusive practices by the economic agents involved in the distribution chain.

Ultimately, the autonomous administration has been required to reinforce controls on re-labeling in the fight of what supposes an unfair competition for the national product.

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