El Puerto de Santa María, November 24, 2020 – VOX El Puerto has received complaints from neighbors in some West Coast developments about weekend nights, which are turning into hell for the large bottles that organize gangs of young people until the wee hours of the morning, preventing the right to rest of the residents of the area.

Leocadia Benavente, Councilor for VOX in the El Puerto City Council, denounces that the neighbors send them complaints with videos recorded from the balconies where it can be seen that, despite the restrictions on the occasion of the pandemic, young people gather not meeting schedules, without masks and without a safety distance.

Benavente states that “in addition to risk that supposes that the boys do not comply with the anti-Covid standards, the neighbors denounce that they organize motorcycle racing on Avenida Rosa de los Vientos, endangering the security of the area and preventing rest, sometimes until dawn. The state of the green areas, like those of El Ancla, the next day is lamentable, dirty with the remains of the bottle ”.

Although the neighbors have reported the situation to the Local Police, they allege a lack of means to end these practices. Also they have been home burglaries and broken streetlights, so the situation requires vigilance continuous and fines.

Thus, VOX El Puerto demands a solution from the Beardo government so that it puts an end to the bottles and motorcycle races that, despite the complaints, continue to take place.

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