El Puerto de Santa María, December 4, 2020 – The councilor of VOX in the City Council of El Puerto, Leocadia Benavente, regrets that Germán Beardo's government team does not provide a solution to the deadlines that municipal suppliers have to wait to charge for services rendered.

Thus, the last month published, September, reflected that the Suppliers take an average of 117 days to collect their invoices, compared to the 30 days provided by law. This figure is small compared to the previous month in which the record of 218 days was reached average payment period.

Benavente points out that “this figure is unaffordable for the self-employed and small businesses that, in the midst of the crisis caused by the Covid, they lack the resources to face these delays ”. In addition, according to the councilor, this situation is also detrimental for the City Council that sees how the prices that are offered tend to entail surcharges for that delay in payment.

The VOX mayor points out that the City Council managed by Beardo left thousands of unrecognized invoices in 2019, which now requires a recognition of them in plenary session so that they can be paid. "This greatly slows down the pace of work of the accounting section, and is what explains that scandalous figure of 218 days on average to collect a bill from the City Council," he says.

Leocadia Benavente points out that, “although from the permanent marketing campaign in which the councilors of the PP live it is said that the self-employed and small companies are being paid, the reality is that they are the most punished. This is one more breach of this government team whose management is not being favorable, as reflected in the objective figures ”.

Finally, Benavente points out that “The Global Port is not an exception, since before the arrival of the Government team, the average payment period, according to information provided by the auditors, was 77 days compared to 134 of 2020", Concludes the mayor.

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