El Puerto de Santa María, October 8, 2020 – Once again, VOX El Puerto shows its disappointment at the lack of commitment of this mayor with the people of Porto, forgetting all the electoral promises made in the campaign.

The councilor of the Municipal Group of VOX in El Puerto, Leocadia Benavente alleges that “due to the inaction of this government, the people of Porto will have to pay more taxes for not adjusting the CPI. If the tax ordinances are not definitively approved before the January 1, 2021, that 0.5% to be lowered to adapt to the CPI it cannot be applied ”.

"This government team only shows its tax collection effort and remains insensitive to the economic situation in which citizens find themselves because of the crisis. Faced with these facts, the Councilor for the Economy, Blanca Merino, hides herself in not lowering taxes because she does not have a report that she has to ask for herself, ”says Benavente.

Likewise, the councilor of VOX states that "this is the best year that the government team is going to meet in order to lower taxes, since it has the safe conduct of a Negative CPI and surplus. The problem is that they don't know how to go from intention to action”.

For VOX El Puerto, this government team is exhausted, is unable to approve the 2020 budgets and continues to work with the extended 2018 social-communist government budgets. They have shown that they are not able to manage the City Council, since they have not approved any specifications, being the opposition the only one that raises management issues in plenary sessions.

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