El Puerto de Santa María, September 22, 2020 – Once again the Government Team leaves our city without one of its basic services, the crane, since ehe contract with the concession company expired a year ago.

VOX El Puerto met this morning, together with the rest of the opposition representatives, with the workers of the municipal crane company, who expressed their grief at the imminent cessation of activity. The concessionaire company, tired of seeing how the City Council has not complied with the payments and has been unable to draw up a new statement, has decided to close.

After an intense summer in which the crane concessionaire company left without service to citizens as a measure of pressure towards the City Council for bills pending payment, your staff claims that you have already collected the settlement and that next September 27 is the last day they provide their service.

Is lack of foresight and management by the PP-Ciudadanos government team means that they are currently five families with one foot in the street, since their contract has expired, they have lost their seniority in the company, and they do not know if they will be rehired.

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