Vox El Puerto regrets the situation that the Germán Beardo Team is creating in the City Council due to the statements of the councilors attacking the Municipal Intervention. For Vox, these are the worst news that a serious government team should give, since they show their interest in hiding who has the inspection work the management of public funds. The confrontation that this government team has reached with the Comptroller, whom it holds responsible for all municipal ills, makes it incapable of managing and carrying out city projects.

For Leocadia Benavente, Councilor of Vox, “The Beardo Government Team increasingly resembles the bad student who complains that the teacher has a mania for him, and thus it is not possible to advance. The bad relationship is evident in each meeting in which the auditor is present, who is trying to corner for carrying out their control functions. The files are given late and incomplete and then blamed for the incompetence of the councilors "

For Benavente, although the Pp-Ciudadanos want to hide behind the intervener, the reality is that in a year of government they continue to govern with budgets carried over from 2.018, and they do not have a draft budget, since what was announced by Councilor Beautiful cannot be qualified as such. Bello has failed at the head of the Department of Finance, he promised agility and what has been contributed is stagnation of the issues ”.

Other areas are not better, since the Department of Urban Maintenance continues without the announced public road maintenance contract, having had a smaller contract so far this year, with an endowment of € 45,000. Curro Martinez, a partner of Beardo, has more and more difficult to hide that the Pp ignores him, promising him a budget that does not arrive.

For the Councilor of Vox, the figure of the Councilor for the Treasury is in question, as is that of Marina Peris for having allowed the city, in the middle of August, not to have a police presence in the streets. "The City does not deserve such a degree of incapacity in management, because it is no longer a political issue, but one of citizen security"

“This Government Team only approves in marketing, but the citizen already appreciates that this Mayor only offers him smoke. The only solution for Beardo, if he wants to save his image, is to put up a firewall and dismiss the two councilors who are weighing the city the most, Javier Bello and Marina Peris

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