El Puerto de Santa María, December 15, 2020 – The Municipal Group of VOX El Puerto will take a motion to the December plenary session to create a municipal census of people over 65 at risk of isolation and thus be able to alleviate this situation of loneliness.

Spain is the third country in the world with the highest life expectancy. It is a piece of information to be proud of as a nation, and it also poses a challenge in terms of the care that we, as a society, and also from institutions and administrations, owe to older people.

According to the municipal spokesperson for VOX, Juan Carlos Sanz, “many people, in the last years of their life, often find themselves in situations of loneliness and abandonment. It is a reality from which administrations cannot escape and, in particular, those closest to the citizen, such as the City Council ”.

The debate around this issue is often focused on the funding of pensions, a vital issue, or limited to a health care issue. But according to Sanz, “beyond technical evaluations, reality suggests that we pay attention to the human dimension and, as is usually commented, it's not just about living longer, it's about living better”.

From VOX El Puerto it seems necessary to prepare a census of older people that collects parameters such as whether the person lives alone or with someone, if they have relatives nearby or not, if they have reduced mobility, if there are architectural barriers in their home that hinder their routine, etc .., and thus create a specific action plan and support at the municipal level.

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