El Puerto de Santa María, September 15, 2020 – The postal service plays an undoubted role in contributing to the social, territorial and economic cohesion of the country, assuming and providing a public service to citizens, companies and administrations, regardless of its economic profitability, hence the importance of this service working perfectly.

According to the Municipal Group spokesperson, Juan Carlos Sanz, "The Post Office of the Polvorista Square it is not rendering an adequate service to the citizenry. The residents of the town complain that the minimum wait to complete any procedure in the office is at least one hour. To this we must add that now, with social distancing, citizens have to do the queue outdoors, with the inconvenience that this can entail when it is very hot or when it rains ”.

This problem is clearly accentuated in summer, when the population in El Puerto doubles because of the vacationers, which does not mean that the rest of the year this service is provided without problems.

“The government team cannot be indifferent to the deficiency suffered by this basic communication service, in addition to the management services provided at the Post Office ”, adds Sanz.

For all this, the Municipal Group of VOX in El Puerto, after receiving numerous complaints from citizens about the operation of the Post Office of the Plaza del Polvorista, urges the government team to take action on the matter and demand that the administrations responsible for this public service increase in staff dedicated to this service and creation of a new office of mails.

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