El Puerto de Santa María, October 30, 2020. – With the presentation of the annual accounts of the municipal companies, we see the first photo of the management of the government team of the Popular Party. No municipal budgets and no settlement of the 2019 budget, this accountability in municipal companies is the first sign that the government team you are not carrying out an effective policy for our municipality.

The councilor of VOX, Leocadia Benavente, has made the presentation at the General Meeting held this Friday, noting that "The Global Port works for the City Council so, in principle, the adjective with which the company should be defined is routine: doing work for the City Council in cartography, notifications or communication and collect them. But far from it since the arrival of Germán Beardo to the City Council, the company's situation is not exactly monotonous, but rather roller coaster”, Affirms the mayor of VOX.

Benavente has argued at the General Meeting that “It's not serious that the municipal company request the Intervention report of the annual accounts at 12:15 on Thursday, and that said report be sent on the afternoon of the same day to the members of the Board. The auditor herself collects in her report the anomaly of this performance. And even less serious is that the manager sends a new report at seven in the morning today. This first photo indicates that something is wrong in EPG”.

Leocadia Benavente considers that “the reinstatement of Manager Rafael Serrano, the first beneficiary of the ‘PP- LOTO’ of this government, has come to harm the future of the company, what closed 2019 with losses and with a financing need of 381,000 euros. The 363,000 euros more in personnel costs are striking. For this reason, as stated in the Intervention report and that of the auditors, the company has seen its ability to face short-term payments reduced ”.

The VOX spokesperson, at the General Meeting, has indicated that the management of the Popular Party in the mercantile has caused the average period of payment to suppliers to have risen, in 2019, from 77 days to 90 and, according to the auditors' report, it has skyrocketed in 2020 to 135 days.

Benavente has criticized concealment of obtaining a loan by El Puerto Global, which the Ministry declared void and that, for that alone, the manager should have resigned. "If it is worrying that loans are requested contrary to the Law and that the Ministry declares null, more worrying is that, despite having requested it, the intervention, months later, has not yet remitted the cancellation of said loan."

Finally, VOX has achieved that the point is on the table so that a new study and report be carried out by the municipal intervention, and with enough time that these accounts deserve. "

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