El Puerto de Santa María, November 25, 2020 – VOX el Puerto ensures that the government team formed by PP and Ciudadanos is unable to manage the City Council, and proof of this is the extension of the cleaning contract road and urban waste collection, with an annual budget of more than twelve million euros and which will be submitted for approval to the Plenary Session on November 27.

Since the beginning of the mandate, Leocadia Benavente, councilor of VOX El Puerto, has been denouncing that “Germán Beardo is unable to get any public contracts to tender, dedicating itself solely to extending existing ones ”.

Benavente states that “it seems that Beardo and the Popular Party are very comfortable with what was managed by the previous socialist mayor since, instead of modifying what is necessary to apply his program, they limit themselves to continuing the work of the socialist government and the IU presided over by De la Encina ”. "Not only do they extend contracts but we still continue with the budgets approved in 2018 and with the same fiscal ordinances from then," says the VOX councilor.

For the mayor, all this shows "a great lack of management and work" on the part of this government team, which seems to have not yet been able to take the tone of municipal work, despite having already passed a third of the mandate. "It's not the first nor will it be the last contract to be extended, the extensions of the bus, crane and municipal swimming pool contracts serve as an example ”, concludes Benavente.

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