Madrid, June 15, 2019. The general secretary of VOX; councilman and spokesman of the party in the City council of Madrid, Javier Ortega Smith, has celebrated this Saturday the agreement reached between "Popular Party, Citizens and VOX for the achievement of an objective: to prevent the sectarian left can govern in the municipalities." "This agreement – explained Ortega Smith – materializes today in the first phase, that of investiture." From there, "and in the next 20 calendar days," VOX will announce "how that agreement is concretized with one objective – and that is the other part of the agreement – that VOX has representation in all governments, in all the municipal entities, according to the mandate of the citizens, that is to say, according to the percentage of votes and, therefore, of councilors, that we have had in the town halls ".

"It is a satisfaction – added the secretary general of VOX – to know that this coalition of vote for the investiture and for the next governments between PP, CS and VOX guarantees that the mandate of the Spaniards regarding the capacity of decision in the municipal governments , ability to vote and participate in the Budgets, is made according to the percentage of votes that freely and democratically the Spaniards have decided to grant to the different political forces ".

Government agreements

With this agreement, VOX fulfills the commitment acquired with its voters to promote governments of constitutional freedom and order, as has already happened in the Junta de Andalucía and, more recently, at the table of the Assembly of the Community of Madrid.

After the commitment reached this Saturday, a new period of work is now open to structure the different municipal governments. Period of work in which VOX will enforce, proportionally to its electoral results, the government program with which the formation was presented to the elections.

Consult the Program Agreement for the City of Madrid

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