San Fernando May 10, 2020. The VOX Group has shown its position regarding the intention of the municipal government to formalize the proposal to the plenary for the creation of an Information Commission for reconstruction.

In the document registered by the Municipal Group VOX, its spokesman, Carlos Zambrano states that his training "cannot be in accordance with calling it" reconstruction "or with any name that implicitly assumes, inevitably, the destruction of the economic fabric. (we believe that we must fight to avoid this destruction) ”

In addition, Zambrano stresses that the name of this commission should not convey any partisan approach to the issue, and that it should be objective, such as: Special Informative Commission to mitigate the consequences of COVID-19.

On the other hand, from the Municipal Group it is understood that said working body must be governed by the rules of any Commission, and, therefore, it must address the motions presented by municipal groups on the subject, and then be taken to plenary for debate and vote one by one.

Zambrano warns in his writing that the creation of this Commission should not serve to "cook", without due transparency, manifests or general proposals submitted to the supposed consensus of political groups. Among other reasons, because from VOX we understand that this would lead to a majority being tempted to try to impose a specific text on the rest, with politically biased content.

In addition, the Municipal Group VOX believes that groups should be given legal freedom to propose individual motions, propose amendments to the motions of other groups, without prejudice to the fact that several groups want to present joint motions (possibility provided for in the regulations), in short , that it is a Commission that works in the same way as the Permanent Commissions.

In this way, according to the proposal presented by the VOX spokesperson, respect for democratic operating rules, transparency and decision-making are guaranteed for the benefit of the city, and are not made for simple partisan benefit.

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