Cartagena, April 21, 2020. Today the debate and vote of the Commission of Economy, Finance and Budget to the draft Law of General Budgets of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia which was postponed due to the health alert.

In his speech, the Spokesman for the VOX Parliamentary Group, Juan José Liarte, recalled that the party "supported the approval of the spending ceiling, although it was not to our liking since these budgets barely cover the most basic needs of our population."

With the abstention as a facilitating element to the budgets, the spokesman has highlighted that the only essentially different measures in the line of previous exercises are the twelve points agreed with Vox. "We want freedom and legal protection to be for minors and for parents to exercise their rights on behalf of their children," he said, referring to the parental pin.

These budgets are also concerned with minors, foreigners or not, supervised by the public administration as well as because "the smallest unions can compete with the union caste that is consolidated and calcified today, since those who really win are the workers ", has added.

This vote begins the path of proportional reduction during the next three years of tax benefits to the gaming sector until its complete elimination, a measure linked directly and proportionally to the benefit of large families and people with disabilities in their care. .

An achievement to be highlighted is the reinforcement of the medical staff of up to 50 personnel in training, providing specialist personnel to the hemodynamic and vascular surgery services of the Santa Lucia Hospital of Cartagena as well as the revision of the scales and competitive criteria of the aid programs with a charge of 0.7% of the Personal Income Tax for social purposes and a plan to support maternity.

VOX also does not forget the residents of Benizar for whom a road improvement project will be developed. A reinforcement of technical and personal resources for hunting activities and aid in the event of natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies are other measures agreed upon.

Lastly, Juan José Liarte has pointed out that all “and each one of the points of our agreement rest on values”, in addition to the fact that in the coming weeks it will be necessary to make adjustments to the budgets due to the health crisis and to elaborate an economic reactivation strategy by the time it's over.

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