They seem like paradoxes of the administration, but they are real as life itself

This morning the GM VOX, represented by his councilor, Luciano Ferrer, has asked two questions in the Informative Commissions held in person in the Menador building.

The first was related to a complaint from the residents of San Agustín and San Marcos in relation to the surroundings of their "multifunctional", full of potholes and puddles for years.

The answer has been that the building and the adjoining land were owned by the Provincial Council, a property that has already been transferred to municipal ownership but which is in bureaucratic procedures, so neither the Provincial Council can act, since it does not own, nor does The City Council can do so as it has not yet formally received ownership of the land.

The second question was related to the channel of the Barranco del Sol as it passed through the San Agustín and San Marcos Group. In a few days, with the arrival of the rains, the water will flood again, reaching houses, shops and even the General Hospital itself.

Neither the City Council can do anything since it needs the authorization of the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation to carry out the cleaning.

The latter, we could call it the joke of the day. VOX has received a written response to its request that the City Council request the Generalitat to extend the hours of the TRAM, which stops running at 10 pm, leaving many residents without service.

The answer: "The TRAM always finished its service at 10.00 pm. The night service worked Friday, Saturday and the eve of holidays until 3.00 hours. Due to the closure of nightlife, the Ministry maintains the night service suspended"

Luciano Ferrer: “ It can be interpreted that the people of Castellón only leave the house after ten o'clock at night to go for drinks. It seems that the Consellería ignores that many residents leave work later than that time and are left without public service and isolated from their homes in El Grao or Raval Universitario "

"These things are very difficult to explain to the neighbors, it seems that the administration is above the general interest", concludes Ferrer

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