VOX Murcia has reported to the Police Station the death threats it has received through various writings at the Official Provincial Headquarters in Murcia.

The letters, handwritten and found by a party affiliate in the building's mailbox, contained hateful messages towards VOX and its supporters such as "two shots in the neck is what you deserve" or "fucking fascists, one day will come your time ”.

From VOX we denounce this mafia harassment and we remember that these acts will not prevent us from continuing to work for and for Spain.

"The pups of the extreme left that try to restrict the freedom of expression of thousands of Spaniards must know that we are convinced that they are on the right track," he said. José Ángel Antelo, provincial president.

This fact coincides with the numerous graffiti against the party that are appearing in some neighborhoods of the city of Murcia and that also show the almost unanimous silence of the rest of the political parties before what Antelo adds: “We continue fighting. Without fear of anything or anyone ”.

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