Madrid, April 17, 2020.- VOX has filed a complaint with all prosecutors
to investigate the management in the nursing homes of all
Spain. This initiative of the Directorate for Parliamentary Policy (DPP) is coordinated
with the National Legal Deputy Secretariat and seeks to clarify the
responsibilities for the disastrous performance that has led our elders
are suffering from very high mortality rates, while requiring the taking
urgent action to stop this situation.
The older population is more sensitive to suffering the ravages of the Coronavirus, but in
Spain has been aggravated by this circumstance due to the lack of screening tests for
virus in this population group, the lack of sanitary material in the centers of
older, the delay in taking measures in the centers and the guidelines in several
communities not attending to them in hospitals, despite being a high-risk group.
The complaint is also based on the difference between the actual figures of
deceased and those that appear collected in the official statistics. Some data that already
have been revealed in the contrasts made in communities like Castilla
and León, Madrid or Catalonia. In them, the deceased in the residences are not
computing as deceased by Coronavirus. In this way the official figures
are altered and the appropriate measures cannot be taken at the “time
Provincial prosecutors have competence in matters of safeguarding rights
of citizens – such as the right to life, physical integrity, and health – for
That requires them to take a series of urgent measures. Among them stands out the
request that an order be issued to the competent authorities to proceed with the
inspection and periodic sanitation of all nursing homes,
regardless of ownership. Delivery is also requested
Immediate sanitary protection material for the staff of these centers.
On the other hand, it is required that Coronavirus detection tests be carried out on all
residents and nursing home staff to establish measures
of treatment and hospital admission if necessary and endowed with
health care material for nursing homes.
The brief also includes the request that the
real data of affected and deceased so that you can correctly fight against
the spread of the Coronavirus; the details of deceased and possible deceased are requested from
civil, funeral and forensic institutes registries and the corresponding
medical certificates; and the medical assistance received is investigated in detail
for deceased elderly in nursing homes and private homes and establish
the way in which the type of care provided according to protocols and
response times and the explanation of why there was no hospital care in
the cases in which it did not take place

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Telephone: 91 141 96 07

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