The tax measure that is requested is based on the 100 VOX measures and on the Protect Spain Plan.

Luciano Ferrer, spokesperson for Vox at the Castellón City Council, explains the objective of this motion: "At VOX we seek fair taxation, as low as possible and never disproportionate or confiscatory. For this reason, we request that in case of inheritance, a 95% discount be applied to the municipal capital gain. To be clear, if a citizen had to pay 100 euros, he should pay only 5 euros. "

It's about, he adds Ferrer, "of a common sense measure, and more in the current economic circumstances caused by the disastrous action of the Government of Spain and the Consell that are sinking the economy with their improvised and negative measures for the economy. Therefore, the reduction of the inheritance capital gains tax should be applied as soon as possible. ”

Since Vox Castellón argue that it should be remembered that article 31 of the Spanish Constitution establishes that our tax system, in no case, will have confiscatory scope. However, there are numerous cases that violate the constitutional mandate. One of the most significant is the one related to the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (IVTNU). This local tax is levied on the increase in the value of the land and becomes apparent as a result of the transfer of ownership of the land, including the transfer of property. In these cases, the tax on the same economic event and its forced transmission by a non-voluntary event such as death, results as a whole excessive and disproportionate, more in situations of very serious economic emergency, such as the one in which we find ourselves.

Luciano Ferrer the fact that "the causer of the inheritance, and owner of the assets, already paid before his death for the mere ownership, far exceeding the limit of "double taxation" so that we could talk about multiple taxation. "

Ferrer don't haggle on arguments: "It is time to correct this imbalance that the tax system has maintained for years and the quickest and most effective way to do it is for the municipalities to proceed to establish a 95% discount on the full amount of the Tax"

For all these reasons, the Municipal Group Vox It will propose to the Municipal Plenary that a 95% discount be established on the quota to be settled for the transmissions of urban land, and in the transmission or constitution of real rights of limiting enjoyment of the domain over them, made for profit for reasons of death in favor of the descendants and adoptees, the spouses and the ascendants and adopters of the deceased.

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