The provincial group VOX has registered a motion against squatting and trespassing. For training it is essential tackling a problem that is increasingly present in the province of Almería and it is a social scourge.

VOX ensures that complaints of squatting and trespassing have been increased in Spain by 40.9% in four years, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, known last August. Andalusia shows an increase in the first six months of 2020 of more than 23.06%, going from 2,060 complaints in 2019 to 2,535 during the first six months of the year.

Undoubtedly the pandemic situation and its social and economic consequences promote squatting continues to rise. The biggest complaint and concern of rightful homeowners is the lack of forcefulness of the law, complaint VOX.

For the provincial group of VOX in the Diputación de Almería it is evident that a derivative of said illegal squats is the iIncrease in crime, drug trafficking and insecurity, something that they have been able to know first-hand in numerous municipalities in the province.

For all these reasons, the VOX group in the Almería Provincial Council proposes the following for its approval in plenary session:

  1. That the Provincial Council study the creation of a body of support and legal advice against the phenomenon of squatting.
  2. That the Government of the Nation be urged to promote the legislative reforms necessary to classify as felony criminal offenses against private property.
  3. Increase the legal protection of the owners of real estate classified as housing and reform of the procedural legislation empowering the Security Forces and Bodies to evict squatters immediately denounced, there is an illegitimate appearance of squatting and they do not accredit the agents sufficient title to legitimize their conduct.
  4. To urge the Government of the Nation to incorporate the criminal offenses against private property and among them, the crimes of usurpation of real estate
  5. Urge the Government of Spain and the Cortes Generales to promote all the legal reforms that are necessary to expedite trials related to the evictions of illegally squatted properties.
  6. Urge the Government of Spain to take measures so that registration rules help prevent illegal squatting and, preventing squatters from registering in illegally occupied buildings.
  7. To urge the Government of Spain and the Cortes Generales to promote all the legal reforms that are necessary to enable the Boards of owners to urge the evictions of illegally occupied properties that affect the community's coexistence.

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