The Vox Group in the Santander City Council takes to the Plenary Session in November a motion regarding the delivery of free masks, and another for the Molnedo dock to preserve its current maritime configuration, together with an institutional declaration regarding the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and a question about the inactivity of the Consistory's social networks.

The councilor for training, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, said that "we hope to have all the support of political groups so that the masks are free for all Santanderians, since it is becoming an economic problem for many families" .

In the second motion that Vox has presented, it is requested that the current maritime configuration of the South breakwater of the Molnedo dock be preserved in order to avoid any action in that space that destroys its historical and cultural values. The mayor has indicated that "this initiative is presented because the PP intended to carry out a renovation for 1.5 million euros, which should be carried out this year and which incorporates a large bison created by Okuda".

On the other hand, on the occasion of the Day Against Violence against Women, Vox has presented an institutional declaration to show its commitment to end any manifestation of violence against women and against any man, child or elderly person. Also to condemn any violent attack carried out against any person regardless of their sex, age or ideology, reject the collectivization and victimization of women, as well as the criminalization of men for the fact of being and vindicate Western culture, based on equality , compared to other cultures that are increasingly present among us that treat women as inferior to men.

Finally, Pérez-Cosío will ask the Government team about the reasons that have led to the abandonment of the Santander City Council corporate account on the social network Twitter since March. Also if it is planned to give any activity to said account and if it has been considered to open an official account on Facebook to expand the scope of the measures that are agreed in the Corporation.

"As we always do at Vox, we comply with our program and take initiatives to improve the lives of Santander residents and with common sense," he stated.

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