The national deputy of VOX for Asturias, José María Figaredo, accompanied by the spokesman and deputy of the Parliamentary Group on the Board, Ignacio Blanco, offered a press conference this morning to report that “the 52 deputies of the VOX Parliamentary Group, coordinated with VOX Asturias, we have filed an unconstitutionality appeal against the latest amendment to the Regulations of the General Meeting of the Principality, which establishes that the Meeting may intervene indistinctly in Bable or in Spanish. Until now only the deputies could do it. But now, the members of the government of Asturias will also be able to intervene in bable. This situation gives the bable a de facto official status. If a member of the regional government wishes to intervene in bable, he may do so. Thus, the regional deputies who are exercising their constitutional right (and obligation) to control the government, necessarily should know the bable to do so successfully. Ultimately, this modification of the regulation supposes a de facto officialization of the bable ”.

“Apart from the purely legal issue,” José María Figaredo continued, “this modification of the regulation carries a very serious implication. It is a first imposition of the bable. They begin to force Asturians to know a standardized bable whose grammar was invented a few years ago in a ‘linguistic laboratory’ subsidized with public money ”.

The national deputy of VOX pointed out that “it seems that in Asturias the same scheme is being followed as in other communities with autonomous languages. It might seem that this is merely a cultural crusade, but the reality is that the ultimate goal is to create a new area of ​​political control: language. Thus, regional politicians manage a considerable portion of the budget allocated to these issues. That is, it is not because of the language, it is because of the power and, it is not because of the power, it is about the money. Those are the government's motivations ”.

“VOX is a national party that watches over the interests of all Spaniards. For this reason, it cannot remain impassive in the face of this thirst for power of the politicians, ”concluded José María Figaredo.

For his part, the spokesman and deputy of the VOX Asturias Parliamentary Group, Ignacio Blanco, pointed out that “the appeal of unconstitutionality that is presented in the Congress of Deputies raises the new article that introduces the possibility of speaking in Bable, llingua … we do not know very well what is used. And that article does not contemplate the violation of fundamental rights of the deputies because the Statute of Autonomy does not contemplate Bable or Asturian as an official language, so that when it is used in Parliament, those of us who are listening do not understand it; the right of citizens' representatives to exercise their functions is violated under the same conditions as the rest. And you don't perform a function on equal terms when you don't understand what you're being told ”.

Ignacio Blanco added that “we simply want the use of Asturian to be treated reasonably. We are not against the use of Bable or Asturian, what we are against is imposing it on those of us who do not fully understand the interventions. We claim the right of the listener to understand what is being said. It is not a question of culture, the problem is that lately culture is only being considered what is done in Asturian when it is not like that because the majority shows are done in Spanish. We want it to be made clear that the budgets that we had in force this year are in the sense of supporting culture only in Asturian ”.

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