The opening of the CIEs and the increase in human, legal and material endowment for the FYCDSE will be requested.

The municipalities where VOX has representation and are being affected by the invasion of illegal immigrants -Canarias, Andalucía, Murcia, Comunidad Valenciana, Baleares- will register motions to achieve a firm and effective response to this avalanche promoted by the mafias that traffic in people and the call effect generated by the Government, which puts the health of the Spanish at risk.

Each municipal group will adapt the motion to the needs it has, so they won't all be the same. Although, in general, the council will be asked to convene the Local Security Board with the aim of providing more resources to the National Police and the Civil Guard, so that they have the support of the Municipal Police. In addition, they are urged to provide them with places of rest and means of sanitary protection.

It is also required that eliminate subsidies to foundations, NGOs or associations that collaborate with human trafficking mafias and that, furthermore, they do not collaborate with the State Security Forces and Bodies.

Municipal groups, depending on their needs, may urge the City Council in the motion to request the central government to immediately reopen the Centers for the Internment of Foreigners in Spain (CIE), even to expand them, with the aim of retaining all immigrants that reach our shores until they are repatriated to their places of origin. It will also request that the periods of permanence in them be extended and they be provided with material and human resources.

Currently, the CIEs are closed, so that illegal immigrants are transferred to detention centers, which allows them to move without restrictions, endangering the health of thousands of Spaniards.

Along the same lines, if the situation of the municipality requires it, an increase in the provision of personnel, legal and materials will be requested to reinforce the surveillance, detention and retention of illegal immigrants who have arrived at our shores, especially those infected by the Coronavirus .

Lastly, the review and expansion of the agreements for the return of illegal immigrants with the countries of origin will be requested, as well as pressure on said States to collaborate and facilitate the repatriation of those who arrive irregularly on the Spanish coast.

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