In the first one, Vox requests a 95% discount on the fee to be settled for the transmissions of urban land, and in the transmission or constitution of real rights of limiting enjoyment of the land, made for profit because of death in favor of the descendants and adoptees, the spouses and the ascendants and adopters of the deceased.

In the second motion Vox It has presented three initiatives for approval in plenary:

  • Updating the census of self-employed without income and taking measures to help it
  • Exemption from fees for tables and chairs of the hotel terraces
  • Carrying out massive tests on all municipal personnel to detect antibodies

In reference to the Transfer Tax in the event of death, Vox understands that this fact, as always, ends up damaging the vast majority of Spaniards who, on numerous occasions, are not able to face an excessive burden imposed by the Administration's eagerness to collect and are left in a real situation of impossibility of facing the payment of the tax, confirming the confiscatory scope thereof. This situation is manifesting itself more crudely than ever at present times. The exponential increase in deaths caused by the Wuhan virus, means that a tax comes into play that represents a new blow to the harsh situation of mourning and economic crisis that citizens are suffering.

Luciano Ferrer states that: "It is time to correct this imbalance that the tax system has maintained for years and the quickest and most effective way to do so is for the City Councils to establish a discount of 95% of the full amount of the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Nature Lands, in land transfers, and in the transmission or constitution of real rights of limiting enjoyment of the domain, made for profit by reason of death in favor of descendants and adoptees, spouses and ascendants and adopters, provided for in article 108.4 of Royal Legislative Decree 2/2004, of March 5, which approves the revised text of the Regulatory Law on Local Taxation. "

True to their commitment to citizens, in Vox They are sure that one of the economic groups most affected by the economic crisis that the Wuhan virus has already created and most abandoned to its fate by the insufficient measures adopted by the Government, is that of the self-employed who, since mid-March, in many cases, they have not entered anything facing Social Security quotas of self-employed and rent rents.´

Hoteliers, continues Vox In their press release, they have been closed since mid-March, without having entered anything and facing Social Security quotas of self-employed, rent rents, they have lost the Magdalena and Easter campaign and the activity that will take place during the summer is still unknown.

Finally, and in relation to municipal employees, he states Luciano Ferrer, "the Castellón City Council is obliged to protect its employees against the risk of contagion from the Wuhan virus, so all measures must be taken within the scope of the session to avoid contagion among municipal employees and those who visit the different facilities and municipal buildings ”.

At the same time, add Vox In its note, the Castellón City Council must seek, with all possible security measures, the return of municipal staff to their jobs. "We must promote telematic work, it has been and is being a very useful weapon to manage the city council and contact the different social and economic groups in the city and try to minimize as much as possible the risk of exposure of personnel to the service of the City Council and, in particular, the group of employees at risk, as agreed by the Municipal Government Board on May 15 and is reflected in Plan for the transition to a new normal, published in the Official State Gazette – Order SND / 399/2020, of May 9. But we cannot stop giving personalized attention to attend to the individual problems of the citizen who needs to carry out procedures in the municipal offices or simply receive advice and support from any of our municipal departments ”

"Despite our tragedy, we cannot lose our vocation to service and we must make all possible resources available to our neighbors, including humans.. ", Concludes Luciano Ferrer

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