VOX forces Lambán to publish the government's measures in cases of breach of landfills. Or quarantines those who are obliged to do so. With several days of delay, the Government of Aragon publishes them today in the BOA, according to the president of Aragon.

On September 9, the order of the Department of Health was published, partially modifying the Order of June 19. And by which prevention, containment and coordination measures are adopted. To face the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Autonomous Community of Aragon.

Santiago Morón, spokesperson for VOX, asked today about these measures. And he has expressed the maximum concern of the group. Since the deadlines for publishing prevention, containment and coordination measures to face the health crisis have not been met.

The five days provided for in the order have passed and that consolidated text remained unpublished. In fact, it was published today, according to the President of the Government of Aragon, when VOX has raised this question.

VOX is concerned about abuse and arbitrariness

The VOX spokesperson in Aragon, Santiago Morón, has questioned President Lambán. “It is not that our group is against the application of extraordinary public health measures at any given time and under certain conditions in order to control the pandemic.

In fact, during the endless state of alarm, we argued the existence of these legal resources to be able to lift that, in reality, a disguised state of exception. And that is what worries us. NOT that these measures are not legally founded, but rather that their practical application, without due guarantees, may lead to a situation of abuse and arbitrariness on the part of the public powers that may lead to a conflict with fundamental rights ”.

In recent months, many Aragonese have lost their businesses, which cost them so much to start up, others have lost their jobs, some even their own lives. And all this for a pandemic that, according to the current social communist story, no one could foresee.

Health, social and economic crisis, for which the current government of Spain and Aragon does not find solutions and which may be aggravated by a questioning of our own freedoms. Loss of freedoms, which GP VOX, from our opposition work and backed by tens of thousands of Aragonese, are simply not willing to allow.

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