Cadrete no longer suffers any occupation thanks to VOX. It was in August when after a demonstration the purpose was achieved. "It was a struggle," says the councilor, spokesman for VOX in Cadrete, Jesús García, "that we have been fighting for a long time." From which this town and its inhabitants have come out well and strengthened.

Being on the local government team in this legislature has done a lot, "because the majority of the council has supported us and has facilitated the work to achieve the objective," the mayor emphasizes.

Jesús García and Pilar Soto are the councilors of VOX for Cadrete, in the province of Zaragoza. And they were recently visited by Carlos Rodrigo, VOX Spokesperson Deputy in the Zaragoza Provincial Council. The meeting of said charges ran through the streets of Cadrete, to publicize both the already settled problem of the occupation and other political projects.

During this visit, Carlos Rodrigo took the opportunity to praise the "incredible will" of the two councilors and their success with the eradication of the occupation. But Jesús Royo and Pilar Soto still have a great concern to solve. Infrastructures in matters of Education. "We have an Integrated Training Center from which the Government of Aragon promised us a classroom for ESO and … we are still waiting."

Even so, despite the difficulties they claim to find in getting such a classroom for now, "we will continue fighting."

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