He spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group at the Guadalajara City Council, Antonio de Miguel, has regretted that the "PSOE and Citizens Government team has had to get to work quickly and running in the last hours of the last two days to reactivate the free service of the wifi network in the city just for not supporting a VOX motion in this plenary session". De Miguel has made these statements during his speech in the ordinary plenary session on Friday in which the VOX Municipal Group defended a proposal through which he requested that the City Council “I would once again offer free Wi-Fi wireless network points in the city, in addition to continuing with the improvement and expansion of free Wi-Fi access points in municipal public spaces”.

Forms and proceed of the current government team of PSOE and Citizens who also criticized the VOX spokesperson "When incorporating with such urgency and with so much haste and with so little time to analyze for the rest of the political groups such an important matter as the economic-financial plan for compliance with the spending rule".

"They had knowledge of our proposal months ago and did not"

The VOX spokesperson wanted to emphasize that "In the month of March, before the declaration of the state of alarm, the PSOE and Citizens Government team was already aware that we were requesting the restoration of the free Wi-Fi network in the city because since the arrival of this new government team , more than a year ago, this service was interrupted ”.

However, De Miguel has criticized that “The government team, a few hours after the holding of this plenary session, has had to get to work on its reactivation so as not to vote in favor of a VOX motion in this regard in this plenary session. Neither PSOE nor Ciudadanos have done anything for more than a year until they have not processed the VOX proposal for this plenary session ”.

However, and beyond criticizing the way the municipal government proceeds, the VOX spokesperson has highlighted that "Guadalajara can no longer do without this type of service, which would make the stay of visitors in the city more comfortable and enable the city to position itself as an essential tourist destination in our country, in addition to contributing to closing the gap digital, especially in groups where digital literacy is less ".

"Partisan use of the official channels of the City of Guadalajara"

On the other hand, VOX publicly denounced the use of the Social Networks of the City of Guadalajara for partisan purposes of the political colors that represent the current team of Government of the City. He did it through a plea in the ordinary plenary this Friday: "We consider that both PSOE and Ciudadanos are misusing these platforms that should transmit clean messages of political ideology to all the residents of the city", stressed the VOX spokesman, Antonio de Miguel, who requested that "This government team is capable of differentiating the platforms of the City Council, from which general information data and official communications of interest to all citizens must be published, from their own as political parties. There are many people in the city who follow these profiles who are not necessarily voters of the Socialist Party or Citizens, but who follow them with complete freedom from political acronyms. We consider that the Socialist and Citizen government is improperly using the public resources available to them and that is why we ask you not to use these official channels that represent the plurality of the set of political parties of this City Council to transmit partisan messages from the two ruling parties ”.

Concern about the situation of the market merchants

Similarly, VOX also asked about the current situation of the Tuesday market in the city. Antonio de Miguel, who has met in recent weeks with merchants affected by this matter, has echoed their demands and highlighted that “The Guadalajara market was already touched and the coronavirus may have given the final push to some of its merchants. The transfer of the flea market that was held on Tuesdays around the Plaza de Toros to Calle de La Tajera, in Aguas Vivas, is causing despair for many vendors. If they continue this location decision for much longer, they will find their situation very complicated as they have reduced their sales considerably ”De Miguel pointed out.

VOX spokesperson acknowledges that street market merchants “They are aware of the need to have guidelines for capacity control and to increase security conditions due to restrictions due to the pandemic”, but it has qualified that "These conditions could occur in the location of the Plaza de Toros".

Given this situation, the VOX spokesman questioned the government team of PSOE and Citizens about whether it is planned in the short term for the return of the Tuesday market to the bullring area.

Burying of containers in the city

Another question asked by VOX was related to the famous fallen pine of La Concordia, which, according to De Miguel “It has been enhanced and valued to preserve its uniqueness. Its presence and the curious shape of the pine have been enhanced, but in the area in which it is located, the containers remain in front of the unique tree, greatly deteriorating its wonderful image ”.

For this reason, VOX asked if the current government team plans to bury "These and many other containers in the city center to avoid the negative impact they generate".

Support for the tribute to all municipal workers during the pandemic

Prior to this ordinary plenary session, an extraordinary plenary session was held in which the proposals for the recognition of merits and the awarding of the city's Gold Medal to both the municipal staff and the personnel assigned to the municipal contracts and to the Civil Protection Association were debated. of the City of Guadalajara and health personnel for their contribution to the management of the Covid-19 health crisis.

"We join the decision of this City Council to recognize its work, but we believe that this recognition should be extended to all the days of our lives, especially now when the virus has not yet disappeared, in addition to taking into account all its recommendations. We have the obligation to continue collaborating with these personnel ”highlighted the Deputy Speaker of the Municipal Group of VOX, Javier Toquero, who also wanted to remember "All the people who, due to the state of alarm, were forced to continue in their work, in that second line of combat, a special mention that we already proposed to the corresponding commission, urging the government team to do so".

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