The Municipal Group of VOX has requested the government team of the Pinos Puente City Council to offer a line of direct aid to entrepreneurs and self-employed persons of the municipality to alleviate, in part, the economic effects caused by the COVID19 pandemic. This initiative, which was presented as a motion in the plenary session in November, obtained the support of all the political parties with representation in the City Council and could finally be approved as an Institutional Declaration.

Antonio Duarte Serrano, municipal spokesman for VOX in the Consistory of Pinos Puente, explained that “the declaration of the state of alarm last March, which forced the closure and paralysis of non-essential activity, caused an economic disaster for families of our municipality. This critical situation has worsened after the new decree of the Junta de Andalucía, which closed the hotel and trade industry from November 10 to 23, which has been a difficult blow for our neighbors to overcome.

From VOX they warn that the disastrous and disastrous management of the pandemic, together with the already bad situation of the commercial sector in Pinos Puente, has placed entrepreneurs and freelancers to the limit. "Given this, we remember that the City Council is the closest institution to the neighbors and cannot look the other way, so it is the municipality that must come to the rescue of its productive fabric, before it is too late," he said. manifested Antonio Duarte Serrano.

On the other hand, the Municipal Group of VOX has presented a motion to install approved air purifiers in all public educational centers of the municipality, as well as to provide FFP2 masks to students in the quantity and cadence necessary so that they are covered for the next few months, in which we will reach the peak of this second wave of pandemic, an initiative also approved unanimously by all political parties.

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