VOX Granada has demanded that the Junta de Andalucía immediately open the Sierra Nevada to launch one of the most important economic engines in the province and on which hundreds of Granada families depend, and has announced mobilizations if the regional government decides to keep the ski resort.

"Sierra Nevada is one of the main tourist destinations in Granada and a benchmark for winter sports worldwide, so it does not deserve to remain closed if the safety and sanitary conditions allow it", declared the president of VOX in Granada , Manuel Martín Montero.

From VOX they have indicated that «Sierra Nevada is an economic benchmark whose opening would have a very positive influence on alleviating the current crisis throughout the province and thus recovering part of the income lost due to the closing months as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, so It would be unfair for a ski resort where an outdoor sport takes place in a healthy environment to be closed for no endorsed reasons. We understand that if Sierra Nevada were to be found in another province, this problem would surely have been solved by now, because other winter sports facilities, such as those in Aragon and Catalonia, have announced their opening.

«We are not satisfied with the announcement of the Ministry of Health and Families that measures on the opening of Sierra Nevada will be studied, we demand that if the optimal hygienic-sanitary conditions are met, the ski resort must be opened or we will street to demonstrate against an unfair decision and with a clear damage to the economy of the people of Granada ", has warned Manuel Martín Montero.

For his part, the VOX deputy for Granada in the Andalusian Parliament, Francisco José Ocaña, stressed that “the situation is very difficult among the businessmen of the Sierra Nevada ski resort, since since the first Royal Decree of Alarm At the beginning of this month of March, they have been without any type of economic activity due to the winter season of their businesses, which is leading them to an unsustainable situation and that could be irrecoverable if the Government of the Junta de Andalucía does not allow the opening of the ski resort coming soon ”.

For the VOX parliamentarian for Granada, “the recent rainfall in Sierra Nevada suggests a very profitable season that could minimize the economic impact caused by mobility and openness restrictions, which would not only affect the business community in the high mountains, but would also benefit the shops and hoteliers of the capital and the rest of the province that would receive an oxygen balloon given the tremendous economic situation they have been suffering for months ”.

For this reason, from VOX in Andalusia we ask the Government of the Junta de Andalucía, to announce as soon as possible the opening date of the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort to allow entrepreneurs to make preparations for the start of the season and rectify the restrictive measures that restrict the freedom of citizens, sink thousands of hoteliers and merchants, and extend their opening hours.

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