The plenary session of the Diputación de Granada has approved the motions presented by VOX. The VOX Provincial Group in the Diputación had submitted motions to the plenary session of the Diputación de Granada, through which the party launched current initiatives to adopt measures to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as initiatives in commemoration of the institutions and symbols of the Nation. In this sense, VOX registered a motion by which the provincial institution was urged to pay tribute for the 175th anniversary of the approval of the deontological code of the Meritorious Corps, called <>.

The VOX Spokesperson in the Provincial Council, Cristina Jiménez, states that <>.

Cristina Jiménez states that <>.

The Deputy, with the presentation of this motion, which has finally been approved, intended that a tribute be paid to the Civil Guard throughout the Province: <>.

Vertical planters as a hygienic-sanitary measure

On the other hand, the political formation also presented a motion to help the town councils of the Province with hygienic-sanitary measures that alleviate the effects of the Coronavirus. In this sense, the proposal addressed the problems that it poses for public buildings, such as schools or municipalities themselves, the crowds of people in specific points such as entrances or corridors, for which the training was committed to the installation of elements that sanitize these spaces and that stop the spread of aerosols -the main way of spread according to the WHO-, through the installation of vertical planters.

The motion, which has finally been approved, has been explained by the Spokesperson of the political formation: <>.

For her part, the VOX Deputy highlighted the advantages of the measure: <>, concludes Cristina Jiménez.

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