The VOX Provincial Group in the Granada Provincial Council has expressed its disagreement with the agreement the agreement signed between the central government and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) for the disposal of municipal remnants by the Executive, when considering it « blackmail for Spanish municipalities, especially for those who have complied with responsible fiscal and spending plans ».

Cristina Jiménez, VOX provincial deputy, has denounced that “the PSOE once again shows that it believes that the money is theirs and not that of the Spanish, since the signed agreement is not only unfair, it is unsupportive, as it works as a blackmail against the municipalities: those who do not deliver the remaining municipal treasury will be left out of the distribution of aid and transfers, "and has criticized that the president of the Granada Provincial Council, José Entrena, has not defended the interests of our province.

"From the PSOE-Podemos Government they want to confront us again and create first-class Spaniards (municipalities with remnants that accept blackmail), second-class (municipalities with remnants that do not accept it) and municipalities without remnants, which they definitely condemn", Cristina Jiménez has insisted.

With this agreement, the Executive uses the municipalities where the PSOE governs as a lifeline, alone or in coalition with podemites or separatists, as any non-servile government sees this agreement as a robbery. "Its only objective is to launder its painful economic management and do accounting engineering with the money of the Spanish."

«It is curious that the FEMP is chaired by a socialist, Abel Caballero. As always, socialism shows that the sectarian interests of its party are above the good and prosperity of the nation ", and also" the present agreement mortgages the future of the Spanish: indebted to the future government, not only against Brussels but in front of the municipalities. They are capable of indebting the nation for a decade in order to maintain power for a few more months, "stressed the VOX provincial deputy.

For VOX, this pact is ineffective, «since it will require modifying the Organic Law of Budgetary Stability, with absolute majorities. There we will see again the dependence on the separatists of the PNV and ERC and Bildu. Separatists and communists are the ones who really rule in Spain while this government is in charge, so we intend to kick them out in September with the motion of censure.

"They intend to launder their accounts before September 15, 2020 in order to prepare a false document to deliver in Brussels and try to avoid a rescue that they know is going to take place and that will cause cuts in pensions, salaries of public personnel and social aid. With this appropriation of the municipal treasury remnants, they want to deceive the EU countries that demand from Sánchez a program to reduce spending by presenting falsely sanitized accounts, "criticized Cristina Jiménez.

Furthermore, the agreement is an example of socialist hypocrisy and constitutes an attack on municipal autonomy that is hidden in empty words about strengthening the role of municipalities. The only thing they seek to strengthen is their tyranny over any institution, in this case the municipalities: either they are given funds that they have neither earned nor have the right to ask for, or they are left out of any reconstruction plan, to which all Spanish people.

To conclude the VOX provincial deputy, she said that «Sánchez and Iglesias see the economic and health crisis as an opportunity to modify municipal action priorities, and cut social services. In the line of the decree of the new normality and the European reconstruction fund, the government agrees the loans with the municipalities of its rope, because any administration outside of social communism or servility will see this agreement as blackmail ”.

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