VOX Granada has criticized the 'unnatural' governments of the PP and the radical left with the sole objective of reaching power in several municipalities of our province, which shows the absolute lack of coherence of the 'popular' leaders by betraying their voters and blow up the bridges of understanding with VOX, which today is the only party that defends a right-wing ideology.

"When the PP agreed mayors with the socialcommunists of Órgiva, Almuñécar, Ogíjares or La Zubia, they insulted their affiliates, disappointed their supporters and deceived their voters," the president of VOX in Granada, Manuel Martín Montero, has reproached "Grenadians do not deserve this mockery of 'popular' leaders who are increasingly moving away from their own values ​​and principles."

As an example of the "marketing" of the PP to form government teams in exchange for granting handouts to the radical left, is the Mayor's Office of Órgiva: The City Council, of 13 councilors, is governed by the PP with support from the UCIN (2 councilors) and We win / We can (1 councilor). The mayor of the PP co-governs with a podemita councilor to whom he has put a salary of 23,789 euros, this is the price to achieve power in the Alpujarra municipality.

In Ogíjares, for its part, the PP-Podemos pact makes it possible for the councilor to podemita – in exchange for giving the mayor to Estéfano Polo (PP) – obtain a monthly salary of 2,053 euros. The same case is repeated in La Zubia, where the "popular" mayor Inmaculada Hernández has negotiated her position by granting two exclusive dedications to Ganemos: María Espínola Ramírez receives 38,853 euros per year and Francisco Cámara Roldan another 33,328 euros.

In Almuñécar, in addition, the PP reached the Mayor's Office thanks to the vote of the United Left, which shows a lack of coherence with its ideals and a deceit to its voters.

In other municipalities, such as the capital of Granada, «the government team of PP and Ciudadanos has agreed on the 2020 budgets with the PSOE, in addition to negotiating exclusive dedications with socialists and podemitas to approve the matters of the Plenary of Organization of the City Council of principles of mandate, "Manuel Martín Montero has added.

«VOX has received numerous expressions of support from the people of Granada after the Motion of Censorship that our Parliamentary Group presented two weeks ago in the Congress of Deputies, and which confirmed our commitment to Spain. On the contrary, the PP deputies voted against throwing out the social-communist government, and they have already reached out to PSOE and Podemos for future pacts, thus betraying their voters and militants, ”concluded the president of VOX in Granada.

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