VOX Guadalajara celebrated Constitution Day this Sunday with a massive act in defense of the Magna Carta. The action called in all the capitals of the country, has brought together more than three hundred people from Guadalajara in the Plaza Mayor of Guadalajara. During the event, a manifesto was read by the National deputy for training for our province, Ángel López Maraver.

Maraver recalled during his speech that “We are in a historical moment in which those who have the duty to protect the Constitution and the unity of Spain, have become its main enemies. Some enemies who seek to destroy freedom, justice, equality and pluralism, values ​​that sustain the Nation, to replace them with totalitarianism, division and single thought ".

“There is a majority of Spaniards who love their homeland and are willing to defend it. Today we give voice to millions of compatriots denouncing and pointing to a government that, surrendered to separatism and the successors of ETA, has as its main objective to destroy the Crown, symbol of the unity and permanence of Spain, and our constitutional system ", the deputy for Guadalajara has concluded.

Below, various party supporters and affiliates have read some of the most important articles in our Constitution. The event was also attended by the provincial president of VOX Josué Martín, provincial deputy Iván Sánchez and the municipal spokesperson for VOX in the capital, Antonio de Miguel. The councilors of the eleven municipalities of our province were not lacking either, with representation from the formation led by Santiago Abascal.

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