Guadalajara, May 12, 2020.- The President of VOX Guadalajara, Josué Martín
he has joined the critical voices of his party that demand from the regional level the
resignation of the autonomous president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, for
consider that "is completely disabled to continue in front of a
regional executive, such as Castilla-La Mancha, which has been characterized by its
inability to represent the interests of the guadalajareños and all the
Castilian-Manchegos in their management of the crisis derived from the spread of the
pandemic”, Considering in his opinion that García-Page“are more interested in
to remain faithful to the PSOE and to the service of its social communist agenda than to focus on
defending our region against the consequences of the coronavirus"

In this sense, Martín has expressed his concern regarding the figures of
infected and deceased by COVID-19 in the region, regretting "it's tragic
situation, in which we cannot understand how, with nearly 3,000 deaths in the
the region as a whole and 241 in Guadalajara, García-Page has not yet had the decency
to assume his responsibility, presenting his resignation"

From the regional structure of the party they have indicated as the main cause that
our region is the one with the highest mortality from COVID-19 in Spain (15.7% of the
infected has died) the circumstance that Castilla-La Mancha assumed the
Health and Education competencies, together with the deterioration to which they have been subjected
These areas as a consequence of economic mismanagement, the diversion of items in
in favor of superfluous expenses and the cuts made between 2008 and 2017 by the
different regional executives chaired by PSOE and PP.

Therefore, they demand from VOX the early call for elections with the only
objective of, in the words of Josué Martín, “that our province and the whole of the
region are governed by memory and loyalty to victims and affected by this
crisis, effectively fighting the pandemic. This will only be possible when the
PSOE abandons power in favor of a new executive out of the polls and to guide
his action from sanity and respect to all citizens of our region"

Reasons for resignation

They consider from VOX that next to "disastrous”From the management of García-Page to the front
of the regional executive in this health crisis and the fact that he only had time
to be photographed with his Health Counselor, Jesús Fernández Sanz, with the “clear
intention to wash his own image”, We must add the fact that“all
measures taken have been taken almost two months late, becoming
our region in one of the most affected by COVID-19" In fact, they point
from VOX that "the toilets in Castilla-La Mancha are among the most infected in
Spain, increasing the health surcharge of this pandemic to more than 100 million
of euros”, As recognized by the autonomous President himself in statements
granted to the media on April 24.

Similarly, Josué Martín wanted to point out the "continuous lies”Which, in its
opinion, they are characterizing the socialists at the head of our region, by "to have
deliberately concealed the actual number of people infected and killed by the pandemic,
as well as the amount of tests that reached the management, also lying with
regarding the total protection equipment acquired and subsequently distributed ”.
In this sense, he has also denounced the “abandonment and complete neglect in management
of aid to our elders”, Indicating as the main consequence of this the
fact that the vast majority of deaths occurred in nursing homes
older and at home.

VOX Guadalajara Press.

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