CsD October 12

VOX has mobilized citizens to go out by car or motorcycle this morning through the most central streets of Castellón

We are before a Government that is attacking all the institutions of the State and the King to perpetuate itself in power. It is a national problem, it is not just Madrid, the Government wants to take away the freedoms of the population.

A government that has not protected us from the disease leads us to the worst economic situation in the last 80 years.

This Government, which arrived illegitimately, has placed itself in the hands of all the enemies of Spain.

Since VOX They affirm that it has not been convened at a specific point because, had it been done, the Government would not have authorized the march. We have done it, they add, encouraging the people of Castellón to go in their vehicles and taking the necessary sanitary measures.

A hundred cars, with the National Flag clearly visible, have traveled the main streets of our city.

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