VOX senators have logged more than 40 questions in the Senate in the past week. Specifically, the senator for Murcia, José Manuel Marín, has asked, among other questions, about the discordance of data offered by the Autonomous Communities and those provided by the Government.

Senator Marín has asked about the protection measures that the Government has provided to the State Security Forces and Corps. He also wanted to know if Defense spending is still "superfluous" for him, and about the economic measures taken in relation to the self-employed and SMEs.

The senator has asked a series of questions about the safety of prison officials; contagions in foreign detention centers; and the information available to the Executive before calling the protests on March 8 and on the situation of Spaniards abroad.

For her part, Senator for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, has wanted to ask why members of the Security Forces and Bodies, firefighters and rescue personnel, members of the army, security personnel and customs personnel, among others, are not considered, as personnel with a high risk exposure to COVID-19. He has also asked about the dissolution of the Association of the Army Field Hospital in Sabadell.

During this crisis, the senator wanted to ask the Executive about the help it is giving to other countries, for example, Tunisia, while in Spain we suffered a health and economic crisis. It has also questioned the Government about the protection measures for people who continue to work during these days of Confinement.

The González-Robatto Senate also wanted to know how the Government quantifies the number of those affected, taking into account that tests are not carried out on the entire population, not even those affected with mild symptoms or their environment.

And regarding the tests that the Government has had to return due to lack of reliability, González-Robatto asked why the Executive has once again trusted the Chinese company that continues without a license, which has already failed, for the tests that are at stake crucial time and resources for the lives of the Spanish.

Among the numerous questions registered, the senators have also questioned about the economic consequences for all of Spain due to the suspension of Easter.

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