The councilor of Vox in the Santander City Council, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, has once again “exposed the hypocrisy and socialist posturing” regarding his opposition to the construction of a new gas station on Francisco Tomás y Valiente street, near of an existing one.

"It seems that the socialist spokesman does not want to get scared again with the installation of a new gas station, as it already happened in Castilla Street, whose project went ahead in the Sustainable Development commission precisely because of his abstention and the express support of Citizens , although finally it was possible to stop in plenary session due to the alarm it caused among the residents of the Castilla-Hermida neighborhood. "

Pérez-Cosío is not surprised by these changes of ideas by the socialist spokesman, "since he is only interested in making noise and looking for the easy photo, when the reality is that he often thinks very differently from what he defends in public."

From Vox "we consider that the government team should listen to the neighbors to know their opinion regarding the installation of this new gas station before making a decision."

On the other hand, the "lack of understanding" between the two government parties is once again verified, since this new facility is an initiative of the Department of Development, Sustainable Mobility and Housing – managed by the PP – and it has only been a week since The Town Planning Department – attached to Citizens – announced a participatory process for the modification of the PGOU in order to limit the opening of new service stations in the municipality, "although as they manage everything from that area, it will go a long way."

The Vox councilor has also pointed out that "the first thing we have done, as the project has become known, has been to contact the neighbors to explain their position to us on the opening of a new gas station in their neighborhood."

“We do have the neighbors first on sensitive issues like this before adopting a position and precisely because we have come to the Town Hall to try to improve the lives of the people of Santander and not to look for the easy photo as they do from the Government team and the rest of the opposition ”, has sentenced Pérez-Cosío.

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