VOX in Aragon asks to urge the Government of Spain to paralyze the processing of the Education Law. By means of a PnL it proposes to establish a schedule of meetings with the educational community and all political groups. With the aim of drafting a new bill that has the greatest possible consensus.

In the Congress of Deputies the bill to modify the Organic Law of Education is being processed. "In the justification of this project, a precise and concrete diagnosis of the Spanish educational system is avoided," says the VOX deputy in Aragon David Arranz. Thus, an adequate diagnosis of the reasons why Spain has unacceptable rates of school failure has not been made. And poor results in external diagnostic tests in core and determining subjects such as reading comprehension and mathematical calculation. This problem, once again, remains unaddressed, says Arranz.

VOX regrets the absence of prior consultation and debate with organizations and social agents, affected by a change in the educational project of this magnitude. And it proposes adherence to the manifesto "More Plural, Freer, More Equal."

Turning away from families and violation of rights

This bill has been made with their backs to families and restricts the freedom of parents to choose what they consider good for their children. And so that they achieve the full development of their personality, as stated in art. 27.2 of the Constitution, respecting the democratic principles of coexistence and fundamental rights and public freedoms.

Likewise, this legislative project does not guarantee the ideological freedom recognized by art. 16 of the Constitution. Fundamental principles and rights proclaimed and recognized by the Constitution are radically violated. With special reference to the flagrant non-observance of art. 27.3, which obliges the public authorities to guarantee the right of parents to educate their children in accordance with their own moral and religious convictions.

On the other hand, the proposed regulations violate the principle of unity of the Nation. By giving legal coverage to the absence of Spanish in the classrooms of Catalonia, the Basque Country, Galicia and the Valencian Community. In this way, David Arranz points out, “it is consolidated that in certain Autonomous Communities the contents of subjects such as Geography and History continue to be systematically falsified in their desire to indoctrinate students”.

In addition, the bill that is being processed strips the subject of Religion of all academic value. Not even an alternative subject is scheduled. "That the grade for the teaching of Religion is not computable for academic purposes is to prefer a subject for exclusively ideological reasons," concludes Arranz.

Finally, says the deputy of VOX in Aragon, the aforementioned bill does not address the reform that requires Vocational Training. So that it becomes a real and effective alternative to university training. Nor does this bill solve the bloody paradox of having a single university district and seventeen different university entrance exams.

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