“VOX in Aragon denounces and expresses its discomfort with the situation of many centers of MENAS (Unaccompanied Foreign Minors)”. This was stated, at a press conference, the spokesman for VOX in the Courts of Aragon, David Arranz.

In particular, he referred to the situation of the MENAS center located in Movera, a rural neighborhood that belongs to Zaragoza, at Km 6.5 of the Carretera a Pastriz. A group of kids have been there for a year. The residence is located on a farm for agricultural use, does not meet the conditions of habitability and has no running water service or discharge network.

In the present case of Movera, the VOX Parliamentary Group in Aragon is aware that from the Urban Planning Area there is a proposal for a resolution to close the activity of this MENAS center.

Under the protection of the IASS

From VOX, said David Arranz, "we consider that these MENAS are under the express protection of the IASS, are their responsibility." And for this reason it has been asked: “What controls does the IASS exercise over these social concessions, referring to the habitability and means of the residences, to the treatment they receive with respect to educational or socio-labor programs, for their correct integration, to the staff and proper use of the resources they receive? ”

"Are certain organizations or Foundations like SAMU allowed to search only your business?" We recall, Arranz said, that they receive a fixed of about € 10,000 per month per residence, plus an amount of € 75 per day per occupied position – according to the bases of the social concert to which we have been able to access – without any administrative control ”.

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