The parliamentary group VOX in Aragon has presented 132 amendments to the 2021 budgets, and proposes movements of spending items for 61 million euros.

VOX in Aragon has voted against these budgets. We have not believed the estimated income. Based on the inability of this government to propose measures that anticipate and encourage economic recovery. The allocation of expenditure items does not respond to the real problems of the Aragonese. This budget is a short and paste of the previous ones. Increased only by state and European transfers.

It is not an extraordinary budget as they say, because they do not suppose any fundamental change in the structure of the same. Inefficiencies persist. Avoiding making relevant transformations according to the extraordinary situation that we have to live. This budget eludes the quest for efficiency. Through synergies between ministries and the suppression of extravagances unrelated to the social reality of Aragon.

The budget resorts to the usual, to put more debt to Aragon and the Aragonese. It is the typical solution of progress. That we allocate the same amount of spending to the departments of Education, industry, economy and structuring as to the payment of debt service. That is, 1,400 million euros. We wonder if this is the answer that this government wants to give to the economic and social recovery of Aragon.

VOX don't like these budgets. They seem made by bureaucrats oblivious to the real needs of the critical moment of many families, businesses and companies in Aragon.

VOX wishes

VOX would like that this budget was more rigorous with the destination of each euro that is spent. We understand that it is vital to get the public spending right to manage the recovery of Aragon.

This government has managed the health crisis poorly. Both human and protective means have been lacking. And whose response to our toilets has been the applause and the pat on the back. Everything but what they really need: serious coordination by independent medical professionals. Improve primary care services. And provide professionals with human and material resources.

A government that manages the opening and closing of shops, restaurants and tourist services at the chance of occurrences, it cannot manage the recovery of our business fabric. Because it just isn't credible.

VOX we would have liked some budgets where nonfinancial income was higher based on a incentive to consumption and investment. Mediant reduction of taxes in the autonomic section. As has been shown in other communities, lowering taxes means collecting more.

At VOX we are committed to a more efficient use of public resources. That would allow us to borrow less. And in this way, allocate resources to those most in need. And to research and innovation policies that ensure future investment growth.

Courageous measures are needed

We Believe that brave measures are needed that reduce spending. We would like eliminate the vice presidency of the government. Whose functions were previously assumed by other ministries.

We would like unify the Ministry of Science, Universities and the Knowledge Society with Education, Culture and Sports to generate obvious synergies.

We would like unify the Ministry of Industry, competitiveness and business development to the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Employment. Since they manage insignificant budgets by themselves. And together they would generate structural and management synergies, so necessary for the recovery of our production and business system.

We would like the elimination of the general direction of linguistic policy. And integrate those resources in the general direction of heritage. We would also like suppress the general directorate for planning and employment (1.7M.- €), which is one more nonsense for the sake of placing friends.

But these measures to reorganize spending have not been possible to carry out in this phase of amendments. Due to the regulatory limitations that prevent proposing a serious and real adjustment.

VOX proposals in Aragon

What is possible within the regulations is to significantly reduce the number of government political advisers and senior officials. We think that the dramatic situation of many families and businesses does not allow this waste. The government must set an example.

With the release of these inefficient expenses, our group proposes to apply these resources to the improvement of essential public services. As health, education and care for the most vulnerable people. As well as to allocate direct aid to freelancers and entrepreneurs in the service sector, mainly because it is the most affected in this crisis.

Amendments to the articles

Regarding amendments to the articles, we have made 29 amendments. The text of the law seems to be aimed at circumventing control over spending items. And also avoid transparency. That should preside over any law on public budgets.

VOX has proposed a comprehensive control of public spending. And hiring, for the sake of transparency with the Aragonese. We believe that accountability in the chamber is the foundation of a democratic system. But We are not delusional and we also know that this is not typical of social-communist governments.

Also, and as we have already said on numerous occasions, violence has no gender, and we have wanted to reflect this in the proposed amendments.

Amendments to spending

Regarding spending amendments, from VOX we have focused on reinforcing a series of pillars that we think are essential and that refer to:

  • Improvement of public services

DFrom VOX we propose to increase by 10 Million Euros to reinforce the workforce.

In Health: especially to primary care, home care, palliative care and mental health. Also to reduce waiting lists and also to improve and refurbish local medical offices.

Education: reinforcing the staff of professionals for the attention of students with special educational needs. As well as expanding items for contracting in concerted education.

Social services: increasing the diminished staff of nursing homes.

  • Direct aid to the most vulnerable and affected by the crisis.

In aid to the most vulnerable and affected by the crisis, we collect amendments for 36 million. With aid for the disabled. Long-term unemployed. Young people and women, like those over 50 years old. Aid for dual vocational training. To families to improve conciliation. We also highlight direct aid to shops, restaurants, nightlife, bars and cafes.

On the other hand, we have tabled amendments that show our strong support for farmers and ranchers.

  • Increase the items aimed at improving our productive fabric as well as Research, development and innovation (R + D + i)

We highlight direct transfers to the self-employed and SMEs to guarantee their survival. Transfers to boost business activity. Participating in initiatives that provide investment and generate employment in Aragon. Improvement of Aragonese financing to the national supercomputing program. As well as the Aragonese agency for research and development (ARAID). And to the AULA DEI scientific and technological foundation. Likewise, we believe it necessary to delve into the digitization of justice, which is why we have bet in this regard.

  • Items for the control of budget execution.

We believe it is very convenient to control the execution of European “Next Generation” funds, as well as subsidies to CARTV, Aragonese public sector entities and subsidies to gender violence programs, all of them recipients of huge amounts of public money.

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