VOX in Aragón reiterates its commitment to end any manifestation of violence. Towards women, and against any man, child or old man. This was stated by the VOX deputy, Marta Fernández, regarding the day against violence against women that is celebrated on November 25.

Fernández recalled that article 14 of our Constitution enshrines the principle of equality and offers the legal guarantee so that men and women have the same rights.

"From VOX we declare the need for to defend any victim of violence and to condemn aggressors and murderers alike, be they men or women. We condemn ALL kinds of violence ”, said the VOX deputy in Aragon.

Marta Fernández recalled that her parliamentary group has come out to observe a minute of silence before any victim in the domestic sphere. And yet none of the other groups present in the Courts recognize these victims. “VOX, has come out alone and will continue to do so whoever the victims are: women, men, minors or the elderly.

Failure of the Gender Violence Law

The VOX deputy in Aragon has stated that the Gender Violence Law has resulted INEFFECTIVE to decrease the number of women murdered at the hands of their partners, while it has abandoned groups such as lesbian women attacked by their partners, also women.

Likewise, he recalled the minor girls, protected in Balearics who have been sexually exploited with the complicit silence of an unworthy government. And also to all those women who have suffered sexual violence at the hands of herds under the complicit silence of parties and associations that have fallen silent when seeing the nationality of the aggressors.

VOX claims

Finally, Marta Fernández has claimed a way of life, one that defends equality in the face of cultures that do not respect women. "In many parts of the world, violence against women is part of cultures where they are treated as an inferior being or led to practices such as female genital cutting or forced marriages," he said.

VOX in Aragon has formulated a proposal in which it has stated:

  • Condemn any violent attack carried out against any person regardless of their sex, age or ideology.
  • Reject the collectivization and victimization of women, as well as the criminalization of men for being one.
  • Claim Western culture, based on equality, against ways of life that treat women as inferior to men.

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