The VOX Parliamentary Group in Aragon renounces the collection of transport or travel allowances in the Cortes, and will be especially vigilant with the destination of the money saved for that concept, so that it is directed exclusively to the victims of the coronavirus, and is destined to alleviate the effects of this pandemic in the Aragonese community.

As VOX in Aragon defended, last December, during the approval of the current budget of the Autonomous Community, from this formation we request again that the superfluous political spending be eliminated, and that these amounts be destined to peremptory needs of the population.

VOX is the only party that has demanded, since its foundation, the elimination of subsidies to political parties, trade union organizations, business organizations and non-governmental organizations.

VOX in Zaragoza already reimbursed, last January, to the City Council of the capital, the unused subsidy item. It was the first municipal group to do something like this.

Today we have learned that VOX has been the first national party to adopt clear measures of commitment and solidarity, at this very painful moment for our country.

Well, also at the regional level, VOX in Aragon wishes to follow in the wake of the party and show its solidarity with the victims of the coronavirus disease 19.

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