Vox does not forget the needs of the Sorians at any time. Observing the deficiencies that we are having in the current circumstances and how the health fabric in Soria has deteriorated in recent years.

The disappearance of private clinics, the reduction of healthcare resources with the excuse of depopulation or based on savings policies, has highlighted the need for healthcare resources in Soria now and in the future.

At the end of this crisis, it is essential to review investments in health in the province.

Within the 100 VOX measurements, we propose an analysis of the sufficiency of the means and the endowments of the hospitals. This leads us to turn to health care in Soria, in an effort to expand the SACYL healthcare services in Soria, providing the province with sufficient means to expand the staff of hospitals and health centers.

The proposal of the SATSE nursing union did not go unnoticed. A proposal in which he collected signatures to carry out an ILP. With this initiative they wanted to provide Spanish healthcare with the necessary human resources in Spanish hospitals.

A proposal that hinted then at the lack of human resources in the sector, something that has become clear now.

Lack of means?

At VOX Soria, we are aware of the invaluable work of the healthcare community in Spain and in the province. We are going to analyze Sorian healthcare resources, betting on the value that health has for the people of Soria.

In this analysis of the sufficiency of means, we want to see the Hospital de Soria finished, we want to see the Burgo de Osma Health Center built, and we must actively involve ourselves to guarantee that there is a sufficiency of healthcare means in this province.

This analysis, in which the resources are not distributed based on the population ratios, or the expense generated by maintaining the health service in the province. We have to take a good look at the very special and different situation that Soria has, so that the healthcare resources are adequate and cover all the citizens scattered throughout the province.

We also seek to recover for the province those healthcare services that have been displaced or delegated to other provinces or communities. Some services that involve for the Sorians a forced displacement to distant hospital centers, with the risk of suffering an accident on their displacements, either due to the weather or the fauna.

Population fixation and education

In our 100 measurements, we contemplate that the State must recover the competences in Education. Some measures that in the Soria area can well go through helping fix the population in Soria. In the health field, creating the educational resources necessary for our students to enter the province's labor market.

In this sense and based on the deficiencies detected, in the future there will be an increase in the endowments of healthcare human resources in the province in health. Similar to the above, our idea is to reinforce education in Soria, returning to the Campus of the capital the Nursing Career and / or any other within the branch of medicine and that serve to regenerate the SACYL staff in our healthcare centers.

An educational outlet that gives our young people new possibilities so that they can continue living in Soria, while performing an invaluable task for the people of Soria.

We want to convey our deepest respect, an affectionate greeting and a warm hug to all those people who are currently in need, anguish, insecurity, fear or pain due to the crisis we are going through.

Much encouragement from VOX Soria, VOX with Soria.

Writes: Miguel Ángel Miguel Andrés

Local VOX coordinator of Burgo de Osma

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