With our sights set on the province, we cannot fail to see the reinforcement that would mean for our industrial fabric, communication channels appropriate to the century in which we live.

Within our 100 measures, we contemplate promoting the reindustrialization of Spain in the context of company-state cooperation and thus increasing the weight of industry in GDP. In this sense, having efficient communication channels is necessary for the industrial development of our province.

For this reason, from VOX Soria, we will actively participate in any measure that leads to the completion of the A15 motorway, either by carrying out the works or by tendering the pending section.

We cannot consider the number of buses based on the number of passengers

We do not stop contemplating at this time the bus lines, those that connect the towns with the largest municipalities and these with the capital or other nerve centers of the province. For many people in rural areas, the situation is that they can only go one day a week by bus from their town to the provincial capital to the Hospital.

The connection with the AVE in Calatayud, as well as expanding the number of buses with Madrid, Valladolid and Zaragoza, somehow subsidizing the companies that provide the service for the fewest number of passengers they transport, are fundamental measures to consider in the province .

Development and use of our industrial estates

Some measures that take advantage of all the industrial estates in the province for the sake of its development, being able to give greater visibility to industrial estates, such as the one in Valcorba, or to help other industrial estates in towns such as the Burgo de Osma and other Sorian cities, to promote their occupation.

In the same way, we will find a way to channel our conversations to ensure that the railway network in our province has meaning, is useful and serves industrial development on the one hand and the option of teleworking on the other.

The broadband connection that is being carried out in our province can give us the opportunity to attract people to settle in this land, facilitating the option of teleworking.

An opportunity that we are given with this crisis, in a commitment to return to the countryside, leaving the big cities, to find a healthier life in the rural environment and working from Soria with broadband.

Soria needs 21st century infrastructure

In this sense, completing the construction of the A-15, promoting the completion of the N-111 and achieving at some point some 21st century railway lines in Soria, (high speed), could make this province a dormitory home for many workers from the big cities.

Telework and quality of life, the new challenges to take on

One option is teleworking for people who want to recover a quality of life in a rural environment as healthy as ours. For this reason, communication infrastructures, which guarantee quick access to the capitals where they have their work, become essential. In this sense, it is also necessary to adapt or renew Sorian communications according to our current time.

Thus, within our 100 measures, we are committed to the development and / or completion of communication infrastructures in Soria, thereby seeking to activate and promote our industrial fabric, as well as create job expectations that attract new residents to our land and guarantee the repopulation of the province.

All this makes us bet on new technologies, on the possibility of creating a technology park, on promoting adequate educational resources in each municipality and giving our young people new employment opportunities thanks to the use of broadband and the use of technologies. . Resources that allow them to access the labor market without leaving Soria. Educational resources that fit within the 100 measures that VOX brings to the Sorian municipalities and that promote population fixation of our young people in the province.

From VOX Soria, we want to convey our deepest respect, an affectionate greeting and a warm hug, to all those people who are currently in need, anguish, insecurity, fear or pain due to the crisis we are going through.

Much encouragement from VOX Soria, VOX with Soria.

Writes: Miguel Ángel Miguel Andrés

Local VOX coordinator of Burgo de Osma

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